Saturday, 5 July 2014

Build a bathroom in the garage

April – May – Build a bathroom in the garage

Having completed the shelving project I set to work designing/project managing and helping out with the construction of our downstairs loo – just in time for the 49th anniversary

Reconfigure the garage

February and March - DIY

Reconfigure the garage (this means de clutter) & build some shelving – see link

"The Garage Project" My Flat Pack Shelving System - who'd have thought this pen pusher would have turned his hand to DIY geeking but here's the proof - it's all based on 60cm square and it's still standing


Caribbean Shelter Project

April – DIY

Caribbean Shelter Project – see link – having designed and constructed my Executive BBQ last year after many years of modelling and re-modelling I have now created the ultimate non rain proof shelter which is free standing/moveable/takeawayable and when the sun is out could almost resemble a Caribbean location with log cabin in the foreground – it’s also got solar powered lighting for those baking hot evenings we expect this year – if all fails I need to buy a tarpaulin – which I did and came in very handy for the 49th ensuring the food and me stayed dry.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

How to build a Christmas tree for nowt

So a couple of months ago I was having thoughts of Christmas trees, stars, reindeer etc so I was prompted to consider how practical it would be to construct a Christmas tree for nowt – was it possible – how would I begin – what did I have lying around – so there’s the story line and here’s how it panned out in picture form – apart from the baubles and lights which I already had – votes out of ten – ten being the highest – don’t hold back – cost worked out as nowt
I ended up using redundant Gazebo poles, cement, wooden shutter blinds, black, white and green netting, drainpipe and plastic ties, christmas tree droppings - and two months of planning (as I'm retired - no problem)

Monday, 29 January 2007


Personalised birthday cards by jww4